The air conditioners provided by the company "Teplo-Holod" are reliable split-systems characterized by stable operation. At the factory, they are tested, and that test includes a number of special tests. To ensure that the system does not require repair for a long time and continues to function reliably, you need timely service and maintenance of air conditioners.


Maintenance of air conditioners (split systems) is a whole complex of works. Their main task is to maintain the device in a working condition and timely elimination of problems. The list of works on maintenance of the air conditioner is given below.

On the indoor and outdoor blocks:

1. The overall system performance is measured;

2. Abnormal noises and vibrations are detected, if any, they are eliminated;

3. Parameters of the power line are checked;

4. The resistance of electrical insulation is measured;

5. The electronic part of the air conditioner is tested;

6. Heat exchangers are cleaned of contaminants, foreign objects are removed from the outdoor block;

7. The split-system body is cleaned.

On the indoor block of the air conditioner:

8. Filter elements are cleaned, if necessary, they are changed;

9. The drain pan, the water level sensor in it and the pump are removed and flushed;

10. The drainage system is cleaned.

On the outdoor block of the air conditioner:

11. Abnormal noises and vibrations are detected, if necessary, they are eliminated;

12. Currents in the circuit of the compressor, the terminal voltage at startup and during operation of a split system are measured;

13. Valve is checked;

14. Filters in the refrigerant circuit are examined;

15. Grounding parameters are measured.